Explosion Vent Panels

Vigilex VD - Explosion Vent Panel

The Vigilex VD is a domed single section explosion panel with an integrated frame and integral vacuum support designed to resist negative pressure resistance under cycling  contitions. This avoids the use of vacuum support bars.



  • Burst pressure Pstat: 0.1 barg - + 15%

  • Standard vacuum 0.3 barg

  • Included an integral black EPDM gasket (Temp -40° +80°C)

  • Fragment free

  • Material stainless steel AISI 304L (1.4306)

  • Additional flange required for installation


Vigilex VD - Explosion Vent Panel





Inside dimensions


Inside dimensions


Outside dimensions


Vent area


229x229 9x9 310x310 515
205x290 8x11 285x370 580
229x305 9x12 310x386 690
150x600 6x27 230x680 885
220x420 9x17 300x500 910
340x385 13x15 404x449 1180
305x457 12x18 386x538 1385
247x610 10x24 327x690 1485
340x440 13x17 404x504 1355
490x590 19x23 570x670 2865
375x655 14x26 460x740 2485
470x610 19x24 550x690 2845
525x668 21x26 630x765 3400
610x610 24x24 690x690 3695
457x890 18x35 537x970 4040
645x645 25x25 740x740 4325
653x653 26x26 740x740 4325
586x920 23x36 666x1000 5360
610x1118 24x44 690x1198 6785
920x920 36x36 1000x1000 8425